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10" University Optics Newtonian Telescope

Orion AstroView 120 eq Refractor

ETX60 at refractor

ETX70 refractor

Celestron NexStar 114 mm Reflector

Celestron Nexstar 4SE Maksutov Cassegrain

4.5" MEADE  Telescope

4.5" IDAI Telescope

4.5" TASCO  Telescope

Meade LX200 8" SCT

8" Cave Astrola Reflector

Meade Polaris 60mm

60mm Meade 291 F/15 Refractor

60mm Jason Discoverer 313 f/15 Refractor

Jason 76mm F/6.3 Reflector


Other items I use at the Observatory

Panasonic 6 band Shortwave Radio




Skalnate-Pleso Atlas of the Heavens

and the Computer!